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NorthStyle is an online women's clothing website that offers casual, seasonal apparel designed for comfort and style. The clothing has a trendy feel, but is made with quality, medium weight materials like flannel, cotton, suede and fleece that enables the everyday woman to wear the apparel in or outdoors. Northstyle also offers unique gifts, jewelry, accessories, footwear and items for the home.

NorthStyle's clothing options include:

  • Sweaters
  • Outerwear
  • Shirts and Blouses
  • Skirts and Dresses
  • Sandals, Boots, Clogs and Slip-ons
  • Sleepwear
  • Plus size clothing
  • Petite size clothing

NorthStyle's accessories include:

  • Bags and Belts
  • Shapewear
  • Scarves
  • Socks

Northstyle's jewelry options include:

  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Necklaces and Pendants
  • Bracelets, Ankelets and Watches

Northstyle's Home Decor section includes:

  • Accent rugs
  • Bedding
  • Decorative accents
  • Prints and Signs
  • Wall decor
  • Yard and Garden
  • Unique gifts
NorthStyle: What makes it different?

While the market for women's apparel, shoes and accessories is large, NorthStyle has certain factors that makes its merchandise stand apart from the rest of its competitors.

Good Quality

NorthStyle's apparel is trendy and stylish without sacrificing comfort. Many apparel companies that design casual clothing for comfort sometimes neglect factors like style and design. NorthStyle successfully integrates both comfort and style into its durable apparel for the everyday active women who prefer to dress down without looking plain.

Reasonable Prices

Even though the quality of NorthStyle's merchandise is high, the prices remain relatively low. This is ideal for women who want to purchase quality clothing without draining their wallets. Similar competitors who offer the same type of quality and style are often upscale and expensive. NorthStyle takes its casual wear and makes it affordable for everyone.

Unique Gifts

While some women's apparel stores offer home decorations and household items, NorthStyle goes the extra mile by featuring unique merchandise and gifts that can be found nowhere else.  Some of these gifts include polyester and microfleece robes, microfleece pajama sets, sweater knit pullovers with authentic denim patch pockets, handpainted vases, Icelandic inspired cardigans, handcrafted watches, delicate jewelry, personalized plaques and whimsical T-shirts.

NorthStyle vs. primary competitors (sites similar to NorthStyle)

NorthStyle's leading competitors are Coldwater Creek, Chico's and J.Jill.

1. NorthStyle vs. Coldwater Creek

Both stores cater to women's apparel, home decor and gift items. Coldwater Creek offers more household items such as lighting, fragrances, tea sets, drinking glasses and pillows, while NorthStyle sticks to decorative rugs, wall decor, prints and signs. While Coldwater Creek offers more of a variety of household items, NorthStyle offers more specialized unique gifts. Both stores sell trendy apparel made of good quality, but Coldwater Creek's apparel tends to be much more expensive for the same amount of quality. NorthStyle's apparel is made for the everyday casual woman who values comfort, while Coldwater Creek caters to the upscale professional woman who can wear the same outfit to work as well as out at night. NorthStyle offers sleep and loungewear to women, which Coldwater Creek lacks. Northstyle only has a basic selection of jewelry, while Coldwater Creek offers pins, sterling silver, genuine gem stones and fashion jewelry.

2. Northstyle vs. Chico's

Similar to Coldwater Creek, Chico's is more upscale than NorthStyle. While NorthStyle's apparel emphasizes its trendy style, Chico's style is much more classic, timeless and geared toward older women. NorthStyle emphasizes that its apparel is made of comfortable medium weight material like flannel, cotton and fleece, while Chico's utilizes silk and cashmere in its more expensive items. Although Chico's does not offer sleep or loungewear, it does offer activewear and a Wrinkle Free Travelers collection. Both stores aim for breathable, comfortable apparel, but NorthStyle is much more casual and relaxed. Both stores offer a wide range of sizes, but Chico's offers extra extended sizes as well. Both stores sell similar jewelry and accessories, but Chico's does not offer and home decorations or gift items.

3.Northstyle vs. J.Jill

Both stores have apparel that features a casual, relaxed style. While NorthStyle uses materials more designed for warmth, J.Jill uses all natural materials such as cotton, hemp, linen and wool. While both stores have clothes that are wearable in all seasons, NorthStyle's apparel leans more toward being more suitable for colder weather. J.Jill, on the other hand, gives off a beach and summer like vibe. NorthStyle's clothes are made for durability that can be worn outdoors, while J.Jill's apparel is more feminine and delicate. NorthStyle's shoe selection is lacking, while J.Jill offers boots, flats, heels, clogs and oxfords. Similar to Chico's, J.Jill lacks a home and gift section. Both stores feature a wide variety of sizes, but J.Jill also features specialty sizes for tall women as well.

NorthStyle: Pricing & packages

NorthStyle's prices are very reasonable and affordable to a wide variety of customers. Their apparel ranges from very inexpensive to moderately pricy. Although some NorthStyle items tend to run a little on the expensive side, their merchandise is much more affordable than competitors like Coldwater Creek, Chico's and J.Jill.

NorthStyle's General Apparel Prices

  • Sweaters range anywhere from $20 to $110
  • Outwear ranges from $25 to $280
  • Shirts and blouses run from $15 to $175
  • Skirts and dresses cost anywhere from $20 to $70
  • Pants and jeans range from $20 to $114
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts range from $20 to $60
  • Sleepwear ranges from $18 to $60

Coldwater Creek's General Apparel Prices

  • Sweaters range from $60 to $70
  • Outwear runs from $80 to $310
  • Shirts and blouses range from $60 to $90
  • Skirts range from $70 to $130
  • Pants and jeans range from $60 to $110
  • Tops and T-shirts range from $30 to $70

Chico's General Apparel Prices

  • Sweaters range from $40 to $190
  • Outwear ranges from $55 to $90
  • Shirts and blouses run from $28 to $130
  • Skirts and dresses range from $60 to $150
  • Pants and jeans range from $65 to $100

J.Jill's General Apparel Prices

  • Sweaters range from $55 to $140
  • Outwear ranges from $110-$139
  • Shirts and blouses run from $70 to $110
  • Skirts and dresses range from $70 to $130
  • Pants and jeans range from $70 to $115
  • Tops and T-shirts range from $30 to $90

All of these women's apparel stores carry similar types of clothing, but NorthStyle is more inexpensive by a large margin.

NorthStyle: Product images & screenshots
NorthStyle Coupons
NorthStyle: Customer reviews & comments

Positive Feedback

Clothing Satisfaction

Many customers responded positively to the style and quality of NorthStyle's apparel. Returning customers regarded the apparel as stylish, trendy, comfortable and cute. The customers commented that NorthStyle always features clothing that have up-to-date designs and patterns. The majority of buyers said they were always able to find something from NorthStyle that appealed to them. Returning buyers also commented that the apparel runs true to size most of the time.

Reasonable Prices

Most of the customers commented that NorthStyle's prices are very reasonable for the quality of the products. NorthStyle's prices were rated as more affordable than competing retail companies such as Coldwater Creek and Chicos.

Good Selection of Accessories and Gifts

Customers liked NorthStyle's selection of leather handbags and belts. The handbags were described as nice leather, cute and reasonable. Many customers noted NorthStyle's selection of unique gift items were interesting and special. The gift items were described as "one-of-a-kind." Buyers felt that they could not find these sorts of gifts anywhere else.

Negative Feedback

Lack of Sales

Customers complained that NorthStyle hardly runs any sales or competitive deals. They suggested that NorthStyle should implement more discounts, coupons, deals and other sales like other apparel stores. Some customers said they had issues when trying to purchase items that did happen to be on sale. When the sale items were processed, the customers' credit cards were charged full price instead of the discounted price. Customers said these issues were never resolved.

Shipping Issues

Customers complained about NorthStyle's shipping policy. Because NorthStyle is an online clothing store, returns can only be done through shipping. Customers said the shipping is too expensive compared to shipping fees when ordering on other websites. Buyers who were sent the wrong item or wanted to return a specific item disliked that they had to pay the return shipping fee as well as the shipping fee for the new item.

Bad Customer Service

The customer service of NorthStyle was described as horrible and frustrating. Many customers who returned items or tried contacting NorthStyle represenatives said their e-mails and phone calls were ignored and were left unreturned. Some customers criticized NorthStyle's way of neglecting to return confirmation e-mails upon receiving returned merchandise. They felt NorthStyle is the only retail company that does not send notifications or confirmation e-mails to the customers. Many customers described experiences where NorthStyle messed up their orders, waiting too long for refunds and never receiving backorders despite NorthStyle's "30 Days or Less" policy.

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