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Peruvian Connection was started in 1976 by the mother-and-daughter team of Biddy and Annie Hurlbut. Annie, as an anthropolgy student studying in Peru, became fascinated by the patterns, colors, and materials used by the Peruvian women to design clothing. Annie purchased a sweater for her mother, Biddy, which instantly became a hit amongst Biddy's friends. Annie then began to design her own clothing items in the Peruvian style, which Biddy sold from her home in Kansas. Shoppers can browse through tops, pants, skirts, dresses, coats, accessories and more on the Peruvian Connection website. Consumers can also order items from a catalog or visit one of the five international store locations.

Peruvian Connection: What makes it different?

Peruvian Connection, like many other companies, embraces the idea of using high quality materials in an earth-friendly manner. All materials used to create the collection items are top quality. The three primary materials used include alpaca fiber, Peruvian Pima cotton, and vicuna fiber. Vicuna, a cousin to the alpaca, possesses a fleece that is considered to be one of the rarest natural fibers in the world. Warmer than wool and finer than cashmere, the vicuna fleece is one of the most elegant fibers used to design clothing. Peruvian Connection also makes use of the hand-picked cotton grown in Peru. Without the harsh chemical processes that are often used to harvest and refine other forms of cotton, the cotton used in Peruvian Connection's clothing is noticeably softer.

Peruvian Connection vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Peruvian Connection)

In the online search for alpaca clothing, one does not find much in the way of selection. Alpaca Clothing, also known as Best Alpaca Clothing, is probably the closest thing Peruvian Connection has to competition. A family owned business, Alpaca Clothing carries tops, pants, skirts, and other clothing items. While the vast majority of its clothing items are 100% alpaca wool, some of the items do contain acrylic or Merino wool. The website does indicate in the clothing description what other materials are used to create the items. Though Alpaca Clothing does offer a good variety of styles, it does not offer as many natural fiber options as Peruvian Connection.

Purely Alpaca, a retail web-company started in 2002, is another company featuring the alpaca wool. Although it, too, cannot compare in terms of natural fiber options to Peruvian Connection, it does stand apart from competitors by offering a more extensive collection of items containing alpaca wool. Purely Alpaca offers everything from mittens to toys, whereas Peruvian Connection specializes in women's clothing and accessories.

Peruvian Connection: Pricing & packages

Compared to Purely Alpaca, which offers items ranging in cost from a few dollars for an alpaca toy to a few hundred dollars for alpaca clothing, Peruvian Connection can seem more costly. Even in comparison to Alpaca Clothing, with items tending to range from about $90 - $150, Peruvian Connection can seem expensive. Many of the items sold on the Peruvian Connection website vary in cost from just under $100 to upwards of $300. The key justification for this slightly heftier price tag is in the quality of the fibers used to produce the clothing. Peruvian Connection uses hand-picked cotton and rare natural fibers to give its clothing the high quality its consumers desire. For thriftier shoppers, Peruvian Connection does offer sale items, offering about a 10% to 30% discount off of regular prices.

Peruvian Connection: Product images & screenshots
Peruvian Connection Coupons
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Peruvian Connection: Customer reviews & comments

Peruvian Connection tends to garner positive feedback, both on its own site and on the internet at large when it comes to the high quality of the materials. The largest number of complaints tend to be in response to the pricing of items at Peruvian Connection. Many shoppers feel that it is simply out of their price ranges. A few complaints from knitters center on the fact that many of the items sold by Peruvian Connection are machine-knit, and not hand-knit. For consumers making purchases through Peruvian Connection's website, frequent shoppers give the warning that sizes tend to run big! Despite the complaints that Peruvian Connection garners, it still tends to rank as 3.5 - 4.5 stars on a 5-star scale.

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Cheryl Murphy — 65 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“Love This Store”

Although the clothing may be a tad pricey, the quality is beautiful and clothing is unique. These clothes are for special occasions and pieces are "keepers."

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Save up to 40% @ Peruvian Connection
Save $100 or more plus Free 3-Day Shipping @ Peruvian Connection